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How you can live longer with a healthy Japanese diet | Box Appetit

| by Drew Middleton

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According to a recent study, a healthy Japanese diet is contributing to the longevity and high life expectancy of Japan's population. 

The East Asian island of Japan (or Nihon, 日本) is world famous for fascinating foodie exports such as sushi, seaweed and miso soup. The nation’s dietary choices are about as healthy as they come, with preferences for natural foods very low in saturated fats and high in carbohydrates dominating their daily consumption.

With their traditional Bento-style eating increasing in popularity across the globe, a new study has attempted to prove why Japan triumphs in the race for longer-life - and it could all be in the diet.

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Japanese government's official food pyramid advice

Since 2005, the Japanese government has implemented a country-wide “recommended food guide” consisting of grains, vegetables, fruits, water, teas and milk. Now, The National Centre for Global Health and Medicine in Tokyo tracked the eating habits of near 80,000 people aged between 45 and 75 (more here), revealing that those who followed the food guide had a 15% increase in their mortality rate. The benefits of healthy eating, eh!

So what can we all learn from Japan and the healthy Japanese diet?...

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Water is important!

There are plenty of benefits if you’re regularly drinking H2O. Make sure you opt for water over fizzy pop, alcohol and fruit juices high in sugar. Better yet? Filtered water is king! Our Active Charcoal Filters make drinking bland tap water a crisper and cleaner experience, from our Eau Good range

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Serious Grains

Grains are good - and a healthy Japanese diet includes them. Add rice, noodles or other carbs to your lunch box and home meals will boost your activity levels.

Vegetables are vital

We love a salad here at Box Appetit, and vegetables are a key contributor to a cleaner lunch. Be inventive with colour, mixing orange carrots with dark green kale.

Fun Fact: according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the life expectancy of your average Japanese national is 84. That’s the highest in the world, if you’re curious.



Eat Fish and Meat

The best protein sources around are found in oily fish such as salmon, chicken breast, eggs and good quality beef steak. They can be cooked up and thrown into your lunch box, however you see fit, alongside some delicious veg.

5 A Day (Fruits)

You’ll reap the benefits of practically any fruit you consume. Whether you’re a blueberry fanatic or apple-loving healthy snacker, add them to your diet. Immediately.

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Unsplash/Luke Michael

Moderate Snacking - with a splash of milk

All of our lunch boxes come equipped with snack pots and sliders for this very reason: to store nuts, seeds and the like for snacking purposes. Dairy-based products are also key for upping your game of life.

So there you have it. By taking a leaf out of Japan’s food guide, you could live longer. Healthy diets for the win!

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