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The Queen's 90th birthday: 5 royal dishes to celebrate | Box Appetit

| by Drew Middleton

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This year on April 21st, The Queen of the United Kingdom celebrates her 90th birthday. We're honouring this historic landmark with the best five royal recipes we could find. 

Queen Elizabeth II is without doubt the most famous monarch of our time. We recently commemorated a Diamond Jubilee for her 60-year reign. That's a very long rule. Amidst her worldwide tours and busy list of noble duties, even Her Majesty must dine from time to time - and when better than celebrating her 90 years...

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According to The Telegraph and former royal chef Darren McGrady, The Queen enjoys a breakfast of cornflakes with a spoonful of apricots or prunes; a lunch of tea, jam, cakes and a variety of sandwiches; a dinner featured around game meat or fish. But us Brits like to invent our own spins on these traditional feasts.

So we've rounded up five of our favourite royal-themed dishes that any Queen or King would approve of. From Coronation Chicken to Cream Tea, create these at home, have a buffet party or pack them for a lunch box worthy of royalty...

Coronation Chicken Curry

A concoction of cooked chicken, raisins, herbs, curry spices and mayonnaise served with a rice of your choosing.

It was originally created back in 1953 when Queen Elizabeth II's coronation was celebrated with street parties, banquets and unique dishes to mark the occasion. 

Perfect for mixing together with a leaf-based salad or using as a game changing sandwich filling. 

Our top 3 Coronation Chicken recipes: BBC Good Foods, NetMums and All Recipes

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Victoria Sponge Cake

Baked to sweet perfection. A layered fluffy sponge sandwich cake with a fruit jam and butter cream filling. Top it off with cream icing, powered sugar and fresh fruit such as raspberries or strawberries. 

Perfect for a classically British birthday surprise or party cake. 

Our top 3 Victoria Sponge recipes: Mary Berry, Jamie's Home Cooking Skills and Tesco Real Food

The perfect Sunday lunch @heddonstkitchen Gx #beefwellington

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Beef Wellington

A mixture of tender fillet steak and pate encased in egg-washed puff pastry. Simply glorious food named after The Duke of Wellington. 

Perfect for sharing at the dinner table with family or friends. 

Our top 3 Beef Wellington recipes: Gordon Ramsey, Raymond Blanc and James Martin

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Cream Tea with Jam and Scones

Originating from the Devon and Cornwall regions of England, this culturally famous combination of hot tea, buttery scones, jam and clotted cream is typically enjoyed around summer when the sun is shining.

Perfect for afternoon lunching and catch ups.

Our favourite Cream Tea recipe: BBC Good Food 

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Cucumber Sandwiches

Cucumber sandwiches are delicious and very English: a feature point of any garden party spread. But everyone loves a sandwich buffet with royal-favourite fillings ranging from smoked salmon and soft cheese, to egg mayonnaise, to ham and mustard.

Perfect for on-to-go bites to eat with our Sandwich On Board

So there you have it... Join us in wishing The Queen a very happy 90th birthday by indulging in plenty of royal foodie treats. They can all be scoffed through with a flask of Earl Grey or builders tea. 

We recommended exploring range for the perfect lunch boxes, so when you cook your favourite royal dish you can prep it the night before and eat it at lunchtime.

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