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Have you come to join the revolution? | Box Appetit

| by Code Rapper

So you're probably thinking, what on earth is Box Appetit? Well are you sitting comfortably?

Born out of the same passion for design and functional every day items, black+blum wanted to expand on its award-winning lunch box range: Box Appetit. So we worked tirelessly around the clock to bring you a bigger, better and bolder collection. And we cracked it...

We decided to embark on a lunch box venture and try to show the world that a lunch box doesn't have to be dorky! We believe that saving money, keeping healthy and exploring your surroundings are far from "un-cool" - and we pride ourselves on supporting a lifestyle which encompasses all of these elements.

We've thought of you throughout our entire design process, perfecting attention to detail and craftsmanship in every box or bottle. We provide sliders to separate different foods, miniature sauce pots, lock-tight lids and more to give you the quintessential lunch box experience.    

Our main focus? To spread the word about healthy eating and clean dietary choices, socialising over lunch, and ultimately saving you hundreds on expensive take away lunches such as pizza slices, bulging burgers, pastries and greasy sandwiches - which probably do more damage than good!

By providing you with unique market-changing lunch boxes, water bottles and thermoses, you'll be exciting your local vicinity with wonder as they gaze in envy at your attractive home-made on-the-go meals. 

From Eau Good water bottles and Active Charcoal Filters, to Bento Boxes, to round and rectangular Box Appetit containers you can prepare your daily and weekly meals in... We have you covered from all the angles!

So if you're with us on our mission, join the community. Follow us on all our dedicated social accounts below and hashtag #MyBoxAppetit alongside your marvellous lunch box creations and recipes. We'll help revolutionise your lunchtime!

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