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3x ways to get the best out of our Lunch Pot! Don’t skip breakfast!

| by Code Rapper

We’re not going to lecture you on this but we believe that breakfast is king. Check out our top three brekkies below.

We have specifically chosen recipes that are perfect for our lunch pot. Check out how it works here:

1 Overnight oats with fresh berries http://goo.gl/zE1xpp

Prep Time: 5mins Cooking time: Overnight (It's worth it)


Keep the oats from the berries with our removable divider.


 2. Toasted granola with chewy fruit http://goo.gl/2HL64A

Prep Time: 10mins Cooking time: 20 mins (Night before)

 Use the removable compartment to keep the granola and fruit dry.

 3. Egg and veg fritters http://goo.gl/XNDKd4

Prep Time: 15mins Cook Time: 15mins

 Stack them high in our Lunch Pot


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