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Are you victim of a 'Fadtastic' diet this New Year? | Box Appetit

| by Code Rapper

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Have you fallen victim to one of 2016's 'Fadtastic' diets? Well, we can't stop you but we can thoroughly recommend our wonderful leak proof and robust lunch boxes that are built to withstand any passing diet!

Below is a selection of out-of-the-ordinary diet crazes. They differ from eating only at night to colour-coding food; each one being unique in its own individual manner. Let's face it - they make for a very interesting lunch experience...


The Werewolf Diet

Eating in the day was so last year! Night time is where it's at. Luckily our boxes are relatively quiet to open so you won't wake your partner at 3am on a post-midnight binge.



The Cabbage Soup Diet

You can eat exactly like The Bucket's from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as this one does exactly what is says on the tin. You can never have enough greens in your diet! Want it hot or cold? We have a design for both. 


Same Colour Foods

Green, yellow or turquoise. It’s said that eating foods of the same hue on different days can lead to weight loss and a leaner figure. Pile in all that pink candy into this deep box.

The Baby Food Diet

Hmmmmmmm mushy pear purée! Delicious! Our sauce pot is 55ml, perfect for those of you looking to conceal baby food from unassuming onlookers in public. Tucking into pulped and liquidised vegetables/fruit could be a graceful option for fans of porridge and smoothies. Just don't get caught aeroplane-spooning your grub into your mouth with nnneeaooww sound. 


The Cookie Diet

It's an obvious solution if you want to loose weight - Pile in the cookies! This lunch box is round... and so are cookies. So whether you're partial to digestives, bourbons, custard creams, ginger nuts or the classic chocolate chip, you now have every excuse to binge from our biscuit-friendly bowl!

Go on... put it to the test.

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