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Black+Blum Top Picks for August

| by Kieran Elsby

Black+Blum Top Picks for August

As we enter the hottest month of the year, whether you’re home or abroad this summer, we wanted to encourage you to embrace the outdoors and show how Black+Blum can support you.

Here are our top 5 products that will have you ready and raring, so what are you waiting for??

Festivals – Eau Good

We all like to party, but there is no worse feeling than that post-festival comedown.  Start some good drinking habits early by packing our Eau Good bottle with an active charcoal filter.  Ed Sheeran, will never have sounded so good… and your body will thank you for the mineral boost after!

Al Fresco Lunch – Lunch Boxes

With the summer weather upon us it’s time to escape the office!  The Box Appetit lunch box ensures that you have a beautifully presented lunch, so take the time to truly enjoy the meal you’ve prepared.  Why not try this Deliciously Ella Quinoa, Sweet potato and raisin salad with an energy ball tucked in our separate container for a nice treat later in the day.


Children – Food Flasks

As we embrace the great outdoors in the month of August, it may be that we have some little stragglers with us.  For any parent who is weaning, having a container that can keep food warm for 6 hours is a miracle in itself!  You can also take advantage of the flask’s 8 hour cooling qualities and pop: packaged yoghurts, cheese bites or cut veggies and humous!  The fact that it is BPA free (like all of our products) is a lovely added bonus too.

Holidays – Lunch Pots


For all you lucky devils packing your itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini make sure you leave room for one of our Lunch Pots!

These Lunch Pots are unbelievably versatile.  Two separate leak-proof storage pots, that will happily accommodate gazpacho, yoghurts, fruit or pasta (we would suggest not all together, but whatever floats your boat 😉) along with the multifunctional spork and carry strap.

So head down to the local food markets, stock up on some culinary delicacies and hit the beach… 


Chilled Drinks – Travel Mug

Take an expedition to the back of your cup cupboard and liberate your double walled Travel Mug.  No longer shall the travel mug be considered a winter only accessory!  Whip up a chilled latte before work (it’s easier than you think), and let the refreshing cool coffee give you the kick start you need for the day.  Once you have it on you, there will be no stopping your inner barista.  Why not wind down with a camomile tea on the train home from work or a green tea before the gym to give you the caffeine boost?


Until next time, whatever you are doing, have fun. Sun (or rain), get outdoors and enjoy!

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