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France becomes the first country to ban all disposable plastic cups, utensils and plates | Box Appetit

| by Drew Middleton

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France has become the first country to ban plastic cups, plates and cutlery after a new environment-conscious law was passed by the French government aiming to reduce pollution.

With plastic pollution hot topic these days, France has stepped up to the (non-plastic) plate and activated a controversial new law to ban disposal cutlery, cups, plates and most dishware - as part of the country's Energy Transition for Green Growth bill passed in 2015.

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Reported by Associated Press, the environmentally-friendly measure is intended to dramatically reduce climate change, the energy consumption used for plastic production, and ultimately, decrease the waves of waste leftover as a by-product of human usage.

Luckily for the unfortunate companies who produce these disposable goods, they will have until 2020 to push their green footprint and efforts into fifth gear to make their off-the-shelf output: a. made from biologically sourced materials and b. have the ability to be composted. 

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This breakthrough in greener European politics follows swiftly on from France's ban of single-use plastic bags in July; another shining example of a country-wide scheme to transform and build safer, more sustainable living.

However, the new law is not without its controversies. According to Pack2Go Europe (Food Packing Association), the ban will violate the EU's free movement of goods. But for environmentalists and green-conscious members of the public, a smile should be gleaming on faces.  

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This is a very positive step towards abolishing the production and usage of single-use disposable plastic. As we stand for and instigate the design of eco-friendly products at black+blum, we strongly back this decision by the French government.

Are France setting a prime example? Will more countries follow suit? Let us know your thoughts below and catch up on the breaking stories here...


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