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How To Charm Your Date With Valentine's Day Lunch | Box Appetit

| by Dan Black

valentine's day lunch

From location scouting to heart-shaped foods, here’s our Valentine’s Day lunch 101 when it comes to a romantic lunch to charm your date on February 14th. Every year.

Valentine’s Day Lunch: Welcome To Our Ultimate Guide

1. Choose Your Location Strategically

lake district, valentine's day

Providing the weather is friendly, exploring the great outdoors and venturing into the wild makes for a truly memorable Valentine’s Day lunch experience.

You will find stunning rural scenery across the length and breadth of Great Britain.

The Lake District in the North of England offers tranquil open bodies of water and fell mountains for 2,362 km. There’s plenty of secret geography for you both to explore. Take a long peaceful walk with your partner, explore local market towns and choose a lunch spot with a view to remember for years to come.

scotland, wales, valentine's day

Scotland and Wales offer highly remote areas of beauty. Often fiercely wet and brutally windy - more so than England - it’s not ideal to be outside for a winter date. If you can scout out a tranquil town or city with fancy pub lunches, bagpipe players

But if you’re lucky to have sunny weather in February and pack a full suitcase of thermals, the unique scenery is spectacular and ‘untouched’. Warm up with flasks of hot tea and feel snug with camping chairs and thick blankets.

richmond park, deer, london, valentine's

London is “the greenest city of its size” in the world, with 40% of open area space dedicated to protected public parks. This statistic makes it the 6th greenest city in the world behind Vienna, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and Sydney.

If you live in or around the UK’s capital, take advantage of the glorious parks on offer for delicious homemade munch on February 14th. It’s not often you find nature tucked away amongst stone buildings and skyscrapers.

grand canyon, valentine's day lunch ideas

Going for ‘epic’? America’s the hottest ticket around. With destinations such as Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone/Yosemite national parks, it’s a truly incredible and accessible area of the Western world.

However, European city breaks excel for their X-factor of Valentine’s experiences, in abundance. According to US News Travel, these EU cities make for amazing romantic getaways:

  • Florence and Venice, Italy
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Paris and Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Santorini and Crete, Greece
  • Barcelona, Spain

2. Add Romance To The Lunch Box Experience

valentine's day lunch, box appetit, lunch box

We suggest an alternative Valentine’s Day lunch to a classic cream tea, Italian takeaway or over-priced ‘fancy’ restaurant. Home cooking is the way to his/her heart, trust us. It’s a sentimental statement that goes above and beyond, expressing your care and time is trusted in creating a masterpiece of food and drink for them.  

Here are just a few simple ideas to make your lunch box experience even sweeter:

  • Take them to their favorite picnic spot: does your Valentine love a particular park, country town, city etc.? Take them there for your romantic lunch.
  • Write a few love letters/notes: accompany your impressive foods with dispersed love notes that express your feelings and appreciation for your partner. A tad cringe, but they’re guaranteed to lift a wide cheesy smile.
  • Play a romantic soundtrack through shared earphones: create a playlist of their favorite songs and listen to it via the same earphones as you eat. Of course, stop for personal conversation when you fancy.
  • Buy a single red rose or bouquet of vibrant coloured flowers (or something your man loves): a simple tradition to uphold. Always. Gifts are thoughtful.

3. Woo Them With Aphrodisiac Foods

dark chocolate




  1. A food, drink or other things that stimulate sexual desire


  1. Of the nature of an aphrodisiac; stimulating sexual desire

The science behind aphrodisiacs is fascinating. Although not proven via test evidence, they are believed to create sexual yearning by increasing blood flow to sex organs, amongst other positive benefits such as spikes in dopamine and elevation in healthy vitamins and energy levels.

According to Reader’s digest, the following 19 foods and drinks could (unofficially) spark serious sensual connections and chemistry between you both on your Valentine’s Day lunch.

oysters, aphrodisiac, love, romance, food

Shellfish: oysters

Fruits: cherries, bananas, strawberries, watermelon, figs, pomegranate

Vegetables: chili peppers, avocado, arugula, artichokes

Drinks: chai tea, coffee

Nuts/seeds: pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, olive oil

Sweet treats: chocolate (especially dark varieties), honey, whipped cream

4. Shape Food Creatively and Plan An Exciting After-Lunch Activity

valentine's day lunch, heart shaped food

Who said presenting food can’t be a mesmerising work of art? Make heart-shaped pizzas, cookies, quiches or tarts for your lunch boxes. We’d recommend using designated cutters to help create the perfect shape.

If you are feeling confident know, hand-crafting (with the odd mishap here and there) proves you’ve attempted the romantic shapes yourself.

valentine's day date, lunch

Also, the fun doesn’t stop at lunch. Once you’ve packed up your boxes and bottles, continue the day with an impressive string of electrifying activities. This could include anything from zip lining, a helicopter ride, drive-in cinema, theme park, the zoo, live music or simply watching a charming sunset together.

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