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How Betsy Mullan Lost Over One Stone In 6 Weeks With A Lunch Box Lifestyle - Box Appetit

| by Drew Middleton

We collaborated with American fitness expert Lori Sawyer - and Betsy Mullan, our highly determined comp winner - to prove that the Box Appetit lifestyle coupled with exercise can help you achieve your health goals and shred serious weight.

Back in September 2016, we formed an exciting partnership with Lori Sawyer at Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition. Based in New Jersey, USA our brand and Lori's became friendly engagers of each others message and communication blossomed into a collaboration.

What Is The Clean Cut Fit Challenge?

clean cut fitness and nutrition, lori sawyer, new jersey

For a set period of six weeks, women from all over America can sign-up to participate in Lori's unique nutrition and lifestyle challenge. It guides you to find clean enjoyable-to-eat foods, set weight loss goals, and create a fit healthy lifestyle you can stick to for the future | Learn more: www.cleancutfit.com

We are both thrilled and proud that Betsy Mullan, who won our joint held competition, has wowed all with her journey over six weeks. 

hydration, lose weight, fitness challenge, lunch box lifestyle

Betsy participated in our Facebook comp with Clean Cut and bagged her entry to our challenge. With a few Box Appetit goodies sent her way for meal prep motivation and gym hydration, she began her weight loss and healthy eating journey on January 9th 2017. And we are chuffed to announce...

She smashed it! Betsy became the challenge's all-around '% of weight loss' winner with 9.68% weight loss - in just 6 weeks. Incredible work!

We asked Betsy to share her experiences of the challenge with us...

- - - - - - 

This Is Betsy's Story...

weight loss, progression, clean cut fitness, betsy mullan, lori sawyer

The three most important things I learned from the Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition Challenge: Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!

I knew that in order to be successful, I needed to make a change. Rushing together a semi-nutritious meal on my best day – but far more frequently, ordering take-out from one of the many saved contacts on my phone – had to come to an end. As did my haphazard attempts at being accountable at the gym.

Clean Cut and Box Appetit gave me every tool I needed to be successful.

A Grocery List

meal prep, food prep, fitness food

What seems like a simple idea is actually brilliant!  

My first shopping trip for Week 1 was far less stressful and overwhelming than an ordinary shopping trip. Instead of wandering the grocery store aimlessly, I was armed with a list of exactly what I needed, even if I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with any of the new-found items I was purchasing.

Having all of the ingredients I would need for the week stocked up and ready to go was an important part of preparation.

Meal Prepping

box appetit, lunch box prep, lunch box, meal prep, protein lunch

Sure, I’ve tried it in the past.  But hey, who wants to spend an hour or so on the weekend getting ready for the week? This girl! 

The Clean Cut recipes provide a great variety with plenty of wiggle room for personal taste.  And I already had all of the ingredients from my earlier shopping trip!

Prepping healthy snacks in the right portions was crucial for my mid-day grab-and-go needs.

meal prepping, meal preparation, gym food, weekly plan, weight loss

Although my Lunch Pot and Box Appetit were perfect for the prep, I didn't realize how much food I was making. Inevitably I gave in to an assortment of air-tight containers. I plan to invest in more lunch boxes however as they were the important key to my meal prepping.

Week Planning

protein, lunch box lifestyle, tuna

It wasn’t enough to just shop for what I needed, or prep some recipes. The most important part of preparation for me came in the planning phase.

I planned out what I would eat each day, and even planned my workouts. This took the guess work out of dinner each night and helped drag me out of bed for my 4:45 am alarm clock. I found with these decisions already made, each day was less stressful and anxiety-ridden.  I had a road map to success.

meatballs, lunch, lunch box, meal prep, post workout

Even the best-laid plans hit some bumps in the road. A missed workout here, a party invitation there, or in my case, a Girls Weekend down in Key West! This is where the ever-important Clean Cut accountability comes in.

betsy mullan, new jersey, eau good, water bottle, usa, america, weight loss

With this program, help is never further than a call or text away. The weekly conference calls provided additional information and tips and were super helpful in keeping me accountable to the program. Plus my reusable filter bottle helped me hydrate correctly during my workouts.

The Results

how to lose weight, progression, lean, slim, weight loss, fat loss

After six weeks on this program, I’m proud to report that I lost 15lbs.In the three weeks that have followed, I’ve not only kept it off but continue to lose additional weight by continuing to follow the guidelines I learned from Clean Cut.

I’m nearing my goal weight, which I am confident that I now have the tools required to meet and maintain.More importantly, I’ve greatly reduced my caffeine intake, given up dairy (which generally causes inflammation issues for me), have more energy,

weight loss challenge, lunch box lifestyle, fitness, nutrition

More importantly, I’ve greatly reduced my caffeine intake, given up dairy (which generally causes inflammation issues for me), have more energy, fewer mood swings, and have a new healthy relationship with food and exercise.

I’m also training for a Half Marathon at the end of April! 

With Clean Cut fitness knowledge and Box Appetit's food and hydration designs in my arsenal, I know anything is possible!

- - - - - - 

Congratulations, Betsy. We are immensely proud of your progress - and thanks for participating in the challenge for us. We're delighted you've enjoyed your journey and are confident you will continue with your successes in future.

If you would like to sign on to Clean Cut's 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge with Lori Sawyer, CLICK HERE, to learn more about their program. As it's virtual learning, you can access it anywhere you are.

*This is not an advertorial, paid or free. Our partnership is naturally formed and involves the appreciation of and inspiration from each other's brands, which both share many similarities in spreading health and fitness messages.

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