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| by Dan Black

Lunch boxes are for kids right? Not anymore. These days, lunch boxes are the hip new way to eat your lunch that everybody is trying – they’re actually making people excited about meal planning. There are many advantages to using a lunch box. Maybe you are looking at how to lower cholesterol levels so are planning healthy meals in advance, maybe you’re just trying to save money by bringing things from home. Whatever the motivation there are some real advantages to making a tasty lunch and bringing it to work in a box. Here are our top tips on putting together a daily lunch box…

Really Know What You’re Eating

The best thing about lunch boxes is that they allow you to plan and control what you are eating. This is great when it’s too easy to pop out to a local cafe and buy whatever is on offer. Try packing yourself a lunch each day for a week and see the kind of helpful control it gives you. Make a plan on Sunday afternoon and go shopping to get all the bits and pieces you’ll need. If you make up two or three different dishes you’ll have enough for each day of the week. Vary them by adding different vegetables or forms of protein so you won’t get bored. A bit of sprinkled feta one day, a few cherry tomatoes the next. The possibilities are endless!

Lunch Boxes for Dieting

So you want to take a cute lunch box into work and you’ve planned your meals ahead. You know what this is also great for? Dieting! Because you have so much more control over what you eat when you are bringing your lunch to work, it can be of real help to people who are trying to eat less and/or more healthily. For example, if you are trying to work out how to lower cholesterol levels you can plan in advance to bring heart healthy food to work in your lunch box. Or if you are making up a lunch box and are trying to calorie count you’ll be able to work out how many calories are in the box ahead of time and know what else you can eat that day as a result. Why not make up a few lunch boxes, write their calorie amounts on the side and then freeze them up for the coming weeks? This really helps when you’re having a busy few days and stops you from buying fast food for convenience.

Planning for Portion Control

Likewise, another great advantage of taking a lunch box to work is that you can decide on your portions in advance. Cafe culture has given us skewed ideas about the appropriate amounts to eat. Giant baguettes and huge pieces of cake... In actual fact most people are fully satisfied with much less food and indeed this helps avoid the post-lunch slump. So take your lunch box in and decide ahead of time how much you’ll really need to eat. This will make it much easier at lunch when you have lots of other things to think about and can simply eat your tasty box contents.

Those are our top tips for eating from your lunch box. It really is the great new thing when it comes to what to eat in the middle of the day. Get yourself some fancy lunch boxes, do a bit of advance planning and you’ll be surprised about how it will change your weekday routine in the long run!

Author: Joana Teixeira 


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