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Liven’ up your lunch with Mini Munch and Black+Blum

| by Kieran Elsby

When looking for lunchtime inspiration we didn’t need to go any further than Mini Munch’s Instagram account. Here at Black+Blum we are keen on elevating the humble lunchtime meal to a moment of escapism away from the constant emails, telephone calls and meetings.

As you’ll see Imani’s images are sunshine in a lunch box, bringing a smile to our face and stomach!  Below are a collection of our favourite images showing how lunchtime doesn’t have to be boring.

So what are you waiting for? Forget sub-standard, mass-produced and pretty bland supermarket meal deals and get creative! Remember, lunch time is a great time to wind down at work and break the routine. If you invest a little time in preparing your lunch you’ll feel more relaxed and savour the flavours you’ve created.

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