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Our favourite reviews - roundup of best reviews on YouTube - Black+Blum

| by Dan Black

We’ve loved seeing your reviews over the years. It’s always a pleasure to see how you’re using our products and the appreciation so many of you have for their functional design.

To celebrate the launch of our latest and most innovative filter water bottle, the Eau Good Duo, which has been designed specifically with our more active customers in mind, we’ve collated our top ten favourite YouTube reviews of all time.


Eau Good Duo range by Black+Blum
Here’s what you’re saying about Black+Blum:

1. Here The Grommet talks about the incredible healing qualities of Binchotan, showing their appreciation for our 100% natural, biodegradable activated Binchotan charcoal filters. They said, “the unique form (of the bottle) feels really good to grasp and hold and there’s a cork stopper, which is a charming touch.”

Check out their full review


2. Who can say no to a spork? In this review, The List Review takes you through three lunch boxes that will impress your colleagues and enhance your lunchtime experience. It’s great to see our lunch pot made the cut.


3. Here Reuse It take you through the process of ‘recharging’ our Binchotan charcoal filters so they can be used for another three months


4. Alfresco by Design give you an inside look at our Box Appetit. This revolutionary new design is more like a ceramic bowl than your standard plastic lunch box and has separate compartments for your salad, as well as a mini pot where you can store your salad dressing.

Look inside Box Appetit 


5. Bringing a packed lunch to work or school is a great way to save money and eat healthily. Discover how our lunch pot and lunch box will revolutionise your lunchtime

Check out what else The Grommet have to say about our bento boxes


6. Lunch a Porter examines our Lunch Pot in this great review. The lunch pot is a two tiered container that comes complete with a carrying strap and spork.

Check it out here


7. Nx2overide takes you through the before and after taste of water once it has gone through the Binchotan filter in our Eau Good filter water bottles.

See what he says here


8. Here BenCoomberTV reviews our full Box Appetit range. He takes you from our lunch boxes to our filter water bottles, focusing on the attention to detail and quality of all our products.

Discover more of Box Appetit


9. Miss Effortlessly Chic takes you through our Eau Good filter water bottle. She explains why she appreciates the functionality of the bottle, which was designed to look great and provide you with the freshest and healthiest water on the go.

Do you want to help make the Eau Good Duo a huge success? Visit our KickStarter page and get involved.

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