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The Black+Blum Christmas Guide for Design Fanatics

| by Dan Black

In the first of our month-long series of Christmas gift guides, we’ve selected 8 Christmas gifts, ideal for those with a passion for functional design. From eating and drinking on the go to styling your home, these great products combine form and function in ingenious ways.

Eau Carafe by Black+Blum

The Eau Carafe by Black+Blum
This elegant, hand blown glass water carafe is ideal for storing in your fridge and using daily, or impressing your guests at your next dinner party. It’s iconic shape, which is taken from our original filter water bottle design, is lovely to hold and easy to pour. It also has the added bonus of beautifully reflecting the light through the water. The Eau Carafe comes with one binchotan active charcoal filter, which makes water healthier and more delicious to drink.  


Alessi Coffee Pot

Image by Alessi

Espresso Coffee Maker Pulcina by Alessi
The Alessi espresso coffee maker in aluminium casting is the perfect edition to a coffee aficionado’s kitchen. Designed by Michele de Lucchi, the Pulcina incorporates technology developed by illycaffè with a truly innovative design. Pulcina’s shape allows it to create the perfect coffee, as it contains a boiler that stops dispensing the liquid exactly before it gets a too bitter aftertaste.


SoftBrew™ Tea by Sowden
Image by Sowden

SoftBrew™ Tea by Sowden

Simple yet stylish, Sowden’s range of SoftBrew™ teapots have a hidden depth. They contain a discrete piece of advanced micro-engineering - a supersized, etched stainless steel filter that allows tea room to expand and unfurl, releasing the full breadth of flavour, while eliminating the waste of teabags.

Hammershoi grinder by Skandium
Image by Skandium

This simple, yet stylish grinder from Kähler's Hammershøi tableware combines beautiful Nordic ceramics and wood, and is adorned with a graceful white knob. The furrows of the knob give better grip and make the grinder easy to use. Indulge in the full set this Christmas.

Stainless Steel Sandwich Box by Black+Blum
Our robust, stylish and 100% plastic-free lunchbox is perfect for preparing and carrying your lunch on the go. The bamboo lid of our stainless steel lunch box doubles as a nifty chopping board -  gone are the days of cutting up the lids of plastic tupperware after a hasty lunch prep. Bamboo is a sustainable, dense material, which means it holds less moisture than other wooden boards and is less prone to warping.


German Kitchen Knives by Best Made Co
Image by Best Made Co

German Kitchen Knives by Best Made Co
The stunning kitchen knives have an ergonomic, well-balanced handle made from walnut wood and a Japanese-inspired blade. They are elegant, durable and impressively sharp. Lacking the bulky feel of a typical Western Knife, Best Made Co have taken the best elements of the Japanese style of bladesmithing and combined it with a functional, yet beautiful, German design.

The Ultimate Ladle by GIR
Image by GIR

The Ultimate Ladle by GIR
The Ultimate Ladle comes in a range of bold colours to suit any interior design palate. Described as the ladle that will “change your life”, the Ultimate Ladle has a precision pouring edge that won’t spill a drop, a 45 degree ergonomic handle and a flexible bowl that gets into the hardest-to-reach edges of any pot, ensuring you never miss a drop.

Eau Good by Black+Blum
Our most popular filter water bottle design uses a traditional Japanese binchotan charcoal filter to improve the purity of your water and make it taste much better. There are a range of benefits of charcoal infused water, including increased energy, hangover cure and flatter belly - what better gift to give this Christmas?

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